The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here’s what’s happening on Thursday.

1. US Homeland Security asked the military to house and care for up to 12,000 immigrants. The military was also asked to provide the capacity to house 2,000 people within 45 days.

2. Former chairman of US President Donald Trump’s campaign received a $US10 million loan from a Russian oligarch.Paul Manafort also offered to give the Putin ally “private briefings” about the campaign.

3. Satellite photos suggest North Korea is upgrading a major nuclear plant. Kim Jong Un agreed to work towards “complete denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula when he met Trump two weeks ago.

4. The UN Syria envoy warned of a full-scale battle in Syria’s southwest. The envoy said the Security Council cannot allow such a huge battle to occur.

5. US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring. Kennedy’s departure means Trump will get to nominate another justice and could further shift the court to the right.

6. A top Japanese politician called people “selfish” for choosing not to have kids. Japan is facing a demographic time bomb, with its elderly population growing older and its younger generation continuing to shrink.

7. Iran’s leader is demanding punishment for those who disrupt business. Thousands of Iranian shop owners and demonstrators shut down Tehran’s Grand Bazaar Monday in the city’s largest protest in years.

8. A 213-page report outlined alleged human rights violations by senior Cambodian officers.The report says 12 officials have demonstrated a willingness to commit abuses on behalf of the country’s longstanding leader Hun Sen.

9. Scammers in China are hijacking people’s Apple IDs and are controlling their accounts. The hackers are making purchases via the “Family Sharing” feature which is designed to help families share apps and music.

10. New spacecraft findings suggest one of Saturn’s moons could potentially support life. Complex organic molecules from Enceladus were discovered by the Cassini spacecraft.

And finally…

Meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the millennial, socialist political novice who beat her establishment Democratic rival in a huge electoral upset.

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