The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Thursday.

1. US Texas Senator Ted Cruz spoke at the Republican National Convention without endorsing the party’s nominee, Donald Trump, and was loudly booed off stage.

2. Tesla published an update to its “top secret master plan,” encompassing Elon Musk’s vision of accelerating humanity’s exit from the fossil-fuel era.

3. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan announced a three-month state of emergency. Authorities will now be able to take swift action against those reportedly responsible for last weekend’s failed military coup.

4. An astronaut spoke at the Republican National Convention and skipped the Donald Trump endorsement that she was supposed to make. Eileen Collins was the first woman to command a space-shuttle mission.

5. A shockingly high number of ISIS recruits have come from an unlikely country. China is increasingly hard-pressed to have complete control over its citizens.

6. Pokémon Go won’t disappear after the hype dies down. This is actually the second time we’ve hit peak Pokémon and the franchise lives on.

7. A Trump Organisation staffer who helped Melania Trump craft her speech before the Republican National Convention offered an apology, after the prepared remarks were found to contain plagiarism.

8. Goldman Sachs invested in an Uber for trucks. Brazilian logistics firm CargoX uses mobile technology to connect companies that need freight services to independent truck drivers.

9. Up to eight Chinese ships will offer cruises to the South China Sea over the next five years, as China continues to promote tourism to the disputed waters.

10. Business Insider talked to Facebook users about Live video, and they pointed us to one big problem.

And finally …

This Snapchat multimillionaire packed up his family to travel the world — permanently.

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