The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here’s what’s happening on Thursday.

1. US President Donald Trump urged NATO members to double their military spending. Trump also claimed Germany was being controlled by Russia at the start of the summit.

2. First videos of the Thai soccer team recovering in hospital were released. The Thai Navy SEALS also posted footage from their daring rescue mission.

3. Australia banned foreigners from interning at its parliament. Last month the government passed new foreign interference laws which are widely considered to be aimed at China.

4. New Zealand and China are butting heads over Beijing’s growing influence. New Zealand recently released a defence-strategy statement outlining the threats China poses to the international order.

5. Russia staged a mock invasion near Finland. Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will soon meet in Helsinki for highly-anticipated talks.

6. Two Pacific countries made an internet cable deal with Australia. Australia is trying to counter China’s growing influence in the region.

7. Israel’s army struck three military targets in Syria. Israel said the strikes were in response to a drone that infiltrated its airspace from Syria on Wednesday.

8. A data-collection firm is sharing licence plate information with US immigration officials. Privacy groups have been critical of licence plate databases and have described them as “a form of mass surveillance.”

9. Facebook will begin airing news from networks like CNN, Fox News, Univision, and ABC News. Facebook has long been criticised for its role in spreading “fake news.”

10. Elon Musk said he’ll help pay to fix contaminated water in houses in Flint, Michigan. On Tuesday, Musk said he had already helped Flint, whose residents have suffered from lead-poisoned water.

And finally…

This timeline shows exactly how the Thai cave rescue unfolded.

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