The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here’s everything you need to know on Thursday, January 31.

1.Roger Stone likens the Russia probe to a ‘speeding bullet’ heading for the president’s head. The Nixonian fixer believes that Donald Trump’s US presidency lies in peril.

2.The US Federal Reserve has held its key interest rate unchanged. That, combined with the central bank’s upbeat commentary, sent stocks soaring on Wednesday.

3.Tesla’s CFO is leaving the company for the second time. Deepak Ahuja had already retired once, in 2015. he’s making way for Zach Kirkhorn, a veteran of Tesla, and current vice president of finance.

4.‘Everything’s on the table’ – except for the money to build a wall at the southern border.The Democrats say they have an entirely new wall-less border-security plan.

5.Shares in Facebook jumped 8% after handsome Q4 2018 earnings. The social-media giant beat expectations on both top and bottom lines.

6.Elon Musk says Tesla’s deficit days are done. From here on, the Tesla CEO says, there’s just an open road of profit for “all quarters going forward.”

7.President Donald Trump will not have it all one way at the State of the Union. Victorina Morales, an undocumented woman who worked at one of Trump’s golf resorts has been invited to attend the speech by a Democrat from New Jersey.

8. Facebook’s founder and CEO says he wants to end the age of apologies. Mark Zuckerberg told analysts and investors he wants to usher in a new age of all-out building “new experiences that meaningfully improve people’s lives today and set the stage for even bigger improvements in the future.”

9.Microsoft is leaving the past in the past. With PlayStation now in its sights, Bill Gates’ software giant is burying its former misdeeds and looking to take over the game console universe.

10. Serbia just loves Russian President Vladimir Putin. And that affection says a lot about the decline of the United States across Europe.

And finally …

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