The 10 most important things in the world right now

Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesMembers of the New York City Police Department stand outside the headquarters of The New York Times following a shooting today at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Maryland, June 28, 2018.

Hello! Here’s what’s happening on Friday.

1. Five people were killed and several injured in a shooting at Capital Gazette newsroom in Maryland. The suspected gunman in custody has been identified as Jarrod Ramos, in his late 30s. Police are still determining the motive.

2. EU leaders reached a vague agreement on the issue of mass migration. Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said he was satisfied by the deal, which would see joint asylum processing sites and restrict migrant movements within the bloc.

3. US President Donald Trump could reportedly replace White House chief of staff John Kelly as early as this week.Roughly half of those who held top positions in the White House have left under varying circumstances.

4. Australia passed sweeping laws to limit foreign interference.Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said the laws don’t target any one country, but he has previously mentioned “disturbing reports about Chinese influence.”

5. 600 people were arrested during protests in the US Senate building over Trump’s immigration policy.Democratic congresswoman Pramila Jayapal sat with the protestors and was also arrested.

6. Israel’s army chief arrived in Washington for “urgent” talks on intensified fighting in Syria. Israel is worried about spillover near its border in the Golan Heights and an influx of refugees.

7. Flights have been cancelled after a massive volcano in Bali erupted again, spewing ash 2000 yards into the sky.The volcano forced the evacuation of tens of thousands of people when it erupted last year.

8. US threats against Iranian oil trade is strengthening the Saudi economy. The Saudi government is planning to increase its oil production to a record high of nearly 11 million barrels a day to compensate for Iran’s loss.

9. Adidas has warned millions of customers that their data may have been leaked in a security breach. The data could include contact information, such as addresses and email addresses, but not financial information.

10. Tesla workers say the company is lagging on its Model 3 production. The Model 3 is meant to bring electric-powered vehicles to the mass market, but problems in production have plagued its release.

And finally…

These are the people killed in a mass shooting at the offices of the Capital Gazette

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