The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here’s what’s happening on Monday.

1. US President Donald Trump admitted the purpose of a 2016 Trump Tower meeting was to get “information” on Hillary Clinton.Trump also dismissed reports that he fears for his son, Donald Trump Jr., in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

2. 91 people have died and hundreds more have been injured after a powerful earthquake hit Indonesia. A magnitude-7.0 earthquake hit Lombok, a popular tourist destination known for mountains, beaches and surf.

3. North Korean is calling on the US to drop sanctions after a series of goodwill measures. State media says Pyongyang demonstrated good faith by ending its nuclear weapons testing and handing over the remains of US troops killed in the Korean War.

4. Europe fears regional instability as the US prepares to reinstate sanctions on Iran. Sanctions on automobiles and metals, including gold, will go back into effect on Monday.

5. Saudi Arabia has expelled the Canadian ambassador and is freezing new trade with the country. The feud revolves around Saudi Arabia’s arrest of several prominent human rights activists.

6. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says far-right activists tried to assassinate him during a speech. But firefighters at the scene say it was just a gas tank explosion.

7. Chinese state media slammed President Trump’s “extortion” tactics in rare personal rebuke. The report added that Trump’s trade actions tainted US credibility.

8. 30 people were shot in just 3 hours in Chicago, including at least 12 teenagers. There have been about 339 homicides in the city so far in 2018, with 285 people killed by gun violence.

9. A vintage plane crashed in Swiss Alps and killed all 20 people on board. Police said they have not found evidence a distress call was made before the crash.

10. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said his country has become “the land of droughts. Turnbull announced a new package to provide an extra $US104 million in payments to farmers and for mental health support.

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