The 10 most important things in the world right now

Australian tennis player John Millman beat out legend Roger Federer on September 3, 2018 for a spot in the US Open.

Hello! Here’s what’s happening on Tuesday.

1. US President Donald Trump ripped into his Attorney General Jeff Sessions again. In tweets, Trump accused Sessions of jeopardizing Republican chances in the midterm elections.

2. UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plans have been branded “less popular than the Poll Tax” by a former minister.May appears increasingly isolated amongst the parliamentary Conservative Party,

3. China pledges to invest a whopping $US60 billion for Africa that most countries likely can’t afford to pay back.Officials have expressed concerns over China’s debt-trapping and creeping influence.

4. NBC News defended its decision to not broadcast Ronan Farrow’s reporting on Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct allegations. Farrow jabbed back, and said that his reporting was”blocked by executives.”

5. Iran’s currency plummets to a record low of 128,000 to the dollar. A weak economy and the US’s withdrawal from the Iran deal has tanked the currency.

6. Russia launched a TV channel to chronicle President Putin’s weekly activities. The show praises his physical fitness, love of children and ability to repel wild animals.

7. An Australian tennis player ranked 55th in the world knocked Roger Federer out of the US Open. John Millman was stunned that he had beaten one of his “heroes.”

8. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reportedly overruled staff on decision to ban Alex Jones. Dorsey reportedly decided to keep Alex Jones, the controversial conservative pundit, on the platform last month after staff had decided to ban him.

9. A man who stabbed two tourists in Amsterdam said he was angered by Dutch politician who planned a drawing contest of Mohammed. Two American tourists were injured in the attack last week.

10. An artist is using a SpaceX rocket to launch a “star” into orbit and astronomers aren’t happy. The “temporary satellite”, Orbital Reflector, will reflect the Sun’s rays back to Earth.

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