The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Tuesday.

1. The FBI found nearly 15,000 more undisclosed emails sent or received by Hillary Clinton on her private home server. The emails could become public just before November’s presidential election.

2. Oil prices fell early on Tuesday as analysts warned that the market is still oversupplied. “The narrative of a rapid re-balancing of the oil market has … met a few stumbling blocks. Some of Q2’s disrupted supply returned, OPEC’s collective output rose, and U.S. shale oil is being spared the dramatic year-on-year declines forecast earlier in the year,” French bank BNP Paribas said.

3. Nearly 1,800 suspected drug dealers have been killed in the seven weeks since Philippines’ president Rodrigo Duterte took office. The head of the Senate Justice Committee is concerned that some law enforcers and vigilantes are using the campaign against drugs to “commit murder with impunity,” since many killings had not been carried out legally, according to the Associated Press.

Britain will probably not leave the European Union before 2020, according to Lord Bob Kerslake, who headed the civil service from 2012 to 2014.
“I think it’s at least five years away, maybe longer. All this talk of it being a two-year process is optimistic,” he said at a Scottish Parliament event.

5. US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has called for a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s involvement with the Clinton Foundation during her tenure as US secretary of state. Trump accused his Democratic rival of corruption, claiming that donors of the foundation were given preferential treatment and awarded with special favours.

6. Foreign ministers from China, Japan, and South Korea will meet in Tokyo this week over territorial disputes and regional security. Both Japan and China claim sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, while relations between China and South Korea have been tested recently by Seoul’s decision to deploy a missile defence system against North Korea.

7. Ralph Lauren and Speedo have ended their sponsorship contracts with US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. The athlete is losing his endorsement deals after admitting that he “overexaggerated” a story about being robbed at gunpoint at a gas station in Rio during the Olympics.

8. Donald Trump’s campaign staffers have repeatedly made racist remarks on social media, including
ridiculing Mexican accents and calling for US Secretary of State John Kerry to be hanged, according to a review by the Associated Press. The AP examined the social media feeds of more than 50 current and former campaign employees who helped propel Trump through the primary elections.

9. Around 1,500 Americans taking part in annual river party had to be rescued when strong rains and winds pushed their flotation devices illegally into Canadian territory.
“They were terrified of entering another country without documentation. No one carries their passport or any ID, and a lot were drinking alcohol,” Peter Garapick, superintendent of search and rescue for the coast guard, told CBC television.

10. A
9-year-old NASA spacecraft that lost touch with earth two years ago has made contact again.
The STEREO-B spacecraft was launched in 2006 as through a $550 million mission to circle the sun and capture it from different angles.

And finally …

Britney Spears’ new album “Glory” has leaked ahead of its August 26 release date.

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