The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Thursday.

1. A former Breitbart editor unloaded on the right-wing website’s chairman Steve Bannon after news broke that US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had appointed him as campaign CEO. “Bannon is a legitimately sinister figure,” Ben Shapiro wrote.

2. A new report on the $400 million US payment to Iran claims the money was not a ransom payment. The cash exchange did not happen until the Americans were safely flown out of Tehran on January 17.

3. Target is struggling to sell electronics, with Apple products in particular down 20% in the second quarter.

4. The three US swimmers who were allegedly robbed with Ryan Lochte were reportedly stopped from leaving Rio. A Brazilian judge told authorities to seize their passports.

5. A tour bus from Paraguay was busted with 300 kilos of cocaine on its way to the Olympics. The bus was empty except for two men and the cocaine.

6. Haiti will spend $55 million on a new election after the results of the last vote were scrapped, with most of the money to be drawn from the poor nation itself as foreign donors are reluctant to pay again.

7. The hot topic in hedge funds right now is the rise of the computer-driven investing, or funds that use complex mathematical models to bet on markets.

8. Donald Trump’s lawyer stunned a CNN anchor with a bizarre response to the candidate’s lagging poll numbers. Trump attorney Michael D. Cohen appeared taken aback by the idea that his client is significantly down in almost every recent public national poll.

9. American Apparel has hired an investment bank to explore a sale, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

10. Venezuela just crushed 2,000 guns in public, but the country is still awash with weapons.

And finally …

This robot can make sushi in a matter of seconds.

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