The 10 most important things in the world right now

Australia’s batsman David Warner celebrates scoring a century (100 runs) against Pakistan during the first day of the third cricket Test match at the SCG. It’s the first time a cricketer has scored a Test century in an opening session in 40 years. Photo: William West/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Hello! Welcome to a new year. Here’s what you need to know on Tuesday.

1. US president-elect Donald Trump says he won’t let North Korea drop a nuclear bomb on America. His now trademark diplomacy-by-tweet followed an announcement by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that his country was about to test its first intercontinental ballistic missile, which could be equipped with nuclear warheads and within range of the US.

2. IS has claimed responsibility for the Istanbul nightclub attack that killed 39 people. The lone gunman, who reportedly fired non-stop into the New Year’s Eve party for 20 minutes, is still at large.

3. The richest village in China is one of the most mysterious places on earth. 2000 “registered residents” live in this 240-acre “communist utopia” with free healthcare, education, luxurious homes and cars and at least $250,000 in their bank account. But they are forbidden from speaking to the press, work seven days a week, and if you leave, you lose everything.

4. Finland has launched an experiment giving 2,000 people free money until 2019. Starting January 1, 2017, the federal social security institution Kela will distribute roughly $590 each month to 2,000 jobless Finns. The aim is to learn how offering free money helps the unemployed get back to work.

5. A Syrian migrant suspected of planning to drive truck bombs into a crowd has been arrested in Germany. The migrant has been arrested on suspicion of seeking funds from Islamic State to conduct the attack. It comes after a Tunisian rammed a truck into a Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 people.

6. The 35 Russian diplomats expelled from the US have arrived in Russia. Their expulsion follows Russia’s alleged meddling in the US presidential election. The diplomats arrived in Moscow early Monday. The Kremlin has repeatedly dismissed the allegations.

7. Israeli police are questioning prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu about possible corruption. The investigation follows suspicion that Netanyahu received gifts from businessmen in breach of his role as a public servant.

8. German Chancellor Angela Merkel will skip the World Economic Forum for the second straight year. The meeting is expected to be dominated by debate over the looming presidency of Donald Trump and rising public anger with elites and globalization. The German government declined to say what scheduling conflict was preventing her from attending.

9. Four children have died in Texas after after a resident tried to fumigate a home. The pesticide that was used contained aluminum phosphide, a chemical that, when mixed with water, creates phosphine gas.

10. A prison riot in Brazil has left 56 people dead and dozens of inmates unaccounted for. The violence, which began on Sunday and ended 17 hours later, is being described as the deadliest prison riot in Brazil in years.

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