We ranked Ferrari's 10 most important cars of all time

With Ferrari’s IPO just around the corner, fans of the prancing horse will finally have a chance to own their piece of the legendary sports car maker without having to pony up a few hundred thousand dollars.

But for many, there’s no substitute to the raw power and emotion of a living, breathing Ferrari. Since the company launched its road car business in 1947, it’s reputation has grown from that of a respected racing team to a creator of automotive legends.

In fact, the company has managed to maintain a waiting list for many of its models without engaging in any forms of traditional advertising.

Ferrari’s parent company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, is offering more than 17 million shares of stock with the value of the Maranello, Italy-based automaker expected to approach $US10 billion.

Other the years, Ferrari has been responsible for a long line of fast, powerful, and evocative sports cars and supercars. Anyone who has ever encountered a Ferrari has his or her personal favourite. However, there certain select group of cars from the company’s past and present that hold a special place in Ferrari’s history books. Which is why Business Insider compiled a list of the 10 most important Ferrari’s in company history.

These are the Ferraris that made a difference.

7. 250 TR Testarossa: The 1957 250 TR was one of the first Ferraris to carry the iconic Testarossa badge. Testarossa, or 'red head,' is a reference to the car's red painted engine head covers.

3. Ferrari 250 GTO: For many, the 1962 250 GTO is the ultimate embodiment of the Ferrari ideal. Its sleek sheet metal and powerful 300 horsepower V12 is a masterful blend of raw muscle and seductive styling.

The Ferrari 250 GTO also holds the record as the most expensive car in the world. One example sold for more than $38 million at auction last year.

Mike Hewitt /Allsport

2. Ferrari 500: The 500 was Ferrari's first successful Grand Prix racer after World War II. With the legendary Alberto Ascari behind the wheel, the 500 won a record seven races in a row during the 1952 season.

Getty Images.

Honorable Mention: As the saying goes, a company's most important product is its next one. For Ferrari, that would be the 2016 488 GTB and 488 Spider.

David Livingston/Getty Images.

With the 488, Ferrari has moved away from the natural aspirated engines that it has been known for and has joined the trend of turbocharged supercars. Lurking beneath the 488's engine cover is a 661 horsepower twin-turbocharged V8.

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