The 10 Most Horrible Gaddafi Enablers

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When Muammar Gaddafi, the ‘Commander of Islam‘, Africa’s King of Kings and the Great Loon of Libya addressed the United Nations General Assembly at unusual length in 2009, he asked about the hanging of Saddam Hussein. “How is the member of a government and president of a country sentenced to hang? Who were these people in masks that did this? Did they have the right to do it?”  If things go on as they are in Libya, he may find out. 

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In the meantime as the King of Kings and Loon of Loons does his hideous best to engulf his country in terror and blood for the sake of extending his despicable and destructive rule, it is worth reflecting on the degree to which the “international community” (to use the oxymoronic phrase with which vapid politicians and bureaucrats seek to disguise the carnivorous nature of international life) flattered, cajoled and enabled this psychopath.

I do not blame the United States and Britain for making a deal to stop his nuclear program.  I thank God we did that, and I thank God it worked.  I do not blame either country for offering the delusional windbag a path back to normal relations; there is more rejoicing in Heaven over the sinner who repents than over the 90-nine who never left the fold and it is not as if there were many other viable options to try.

It pains me, but I am also willing to overlook the military sales various western powers (including the United States) made to the regime in order to get its help against terror.  In the world in which we actually live, as opposed to the beautiful utopia which so many clueless idealists imagine we inhabit, you sometimes have to deal with Beelzebub to keep Satan in check.  FDR and Winston Churchill helped Stalin survive World War Two at the cost of extending his genocidal tyranny and watching him condemn two generations of central and east Europeans to life behind the Iron Curtain.  Richard Nixon made a deal with the even more genocidal Mao Zedong and his late-phase psychotic Gang of Four associates to contain the Soviet Union and stabilise Asia as the US retreated from Vietnam.  Selling weapons to Gaddafi to enlist his help against Al-Qaeda wasn’t pretty and may not have been wise — but ugly is not a synonym for indefensible.

History, however, will not forgive those who, either from greed or a shared interest in promoting tyranny, colluded with, bribed, defended and helped this grotesque parody of a national leader rape and ruin his own unhappy land while he strutted ludicrously across the tawdry stage of world politics for 40 pathetic years.

To name and shame everyone who colluded with this nasty piece of work — and a few are still standing by him now — would take far too long.  But this moment in world history should not pass without a shout out to the worst of the worst: the top 10 Gaddafi enablers who gave gratuitous aid and comfort to this murderous nutjob.

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This post originally appeared at The American Interest.

Gordon Brown and his government

The British labour Party prides itself on its moral vision and its global concerns for high ideals. Sadly, it has repeatedly slimed itself where Libya is involved. The stench will not quickly fade.

But Gordon Brown's government thoroughly disgraced itself. The most craven act of a British government since the Munich Accords was to give in to Gaddafi's demands to free convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi -- to drum up sordid business deals from Gaddafi's cronies. In the United Kingdom, apparently, mass murderers go Scot free if you dangle enough cash in front of the right politicians.

Hugo Chavez

Nicholas Sarkozy

Tony Blair

Louis Farrakhan

Like the ever-faithful Hugo Chavez, Louis Farrakhan is a Gaddafi loyalist who loves true and loves long.

Bitterly disappointed when the Clinton administration blocked the transfer of $1 billion of money looted from the hapless Libyan populace to the Nation of Islam back in 1996 (and, worse, blocked the $250,000 honorarium promised to Minister Farrakhan), Farrakhan is still calling Gaddafi a friend, and predicting that America is on the verge of a Libya style uprising. Sure, Gaddafi has his critics, says Farrakhan, but what leader can count on 100% support?

Silvio Berlusconi

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro is one of the few world leaders with a longer record of service than Muammar Gaddafi; he characteristically rushed to the defence of his fellow democracy-activist and peace builder.

In solidarity with the deeply democratic government of Nicaragua, Castro denounced what he said was Washington's plan to use NATO to seize Libya's oil -- and cautioned the world not to be too quick to believe stories about violence and death in democratic Libya.

The London School of Economics

Delusional American college professors

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