The 10 Most Expensive Homes For Sale In America

zillow most expensive homes is a real estate site that offers a quick and easy way to catch up on your wealth-porn.

Recently, Zillow has been kind enough to share with us photos of Malcolm Glazer’s $24 million Palm Beach mansion and other properties.

But $24 million is chump change compared to some properties for sale on Zillow.

So we thank Zillow’s Diane Turman for compiling a list of

The 10 Most Expensive Homes On The Market In America>>

8 acres on VIP Jupiter Island...

House: 'Tranquility'

Owner: Greg Norman

Price: $65 million

Features: Six buildings, with garage space for 17 cars.

...comes with a beach house on stilts

A San Francisco Castle...

House: Pacific Heights Neoclassical Villa

Owner: Peter Sperling (son of the founder of the University of Phoenix chain of learning centres)

Cost: $65 million

Features: French limestone exterior, Florentine tile roof, and a four-story floating staircase.

Warning: It's still currently under construction and needs interior walls, floors or ceilings, requiring about $10 million to complete.

...with enough room for three cars to enter the garage at the same time

Live out your Beowulf fantasies in Colorado...

House: 'Bootjack Ranch'

Owner: Private

Price: $68 million

Features: Accommodations for over 50 guests.

...and enjoy the awesome indoor pool and hot tub

Beautiful house on a beautiful golf course...

House: 'Three Ponds'

Owner: Cheryl Gordon (widow of commercial real-estate broker Edward S. Gordon)

Price: $68 million

Features: Three private ponds, stocked with bass, perch, and pickerel.

...with a 28-foot-high domed ceiling

Big house on the prairie...

House: 'Little Jennie Ranch'

Owner: Private

Cost: $69.5 million

Features: A working cattle ranch with barns and 3,011 acres for grazing -- if that's how you want to use it.

...with cozy cabin-style living room

A Bel-Air Versailles...

House: 'Le Belvedere'

Owner: Real estate developer Mohamed Hadid

Cost: $72 million

Features: A massive 1,000-feet long, 36-foot high hand-chiseled stone wall imported from Jerusalem.

...with opulent Louis Seize furnishings

Google Maps captured a line outside the open house...

House: 'Julius Forstmann House'

Owner: Private (but it was commissioned in 1922 by Julius Forstmann, a German wool merchant)

Cost: $75 million

Features: One of the largest townhouses in New York at 21,000 sq ft.

...a neo-Italian Renaissance mansion on the upper east side

123-acre Spanish Revival-style ranch...

House: 'Hummingbird Nest Ranch'

Owner: Billionaire entrepreneur David Saperstein

Cost: $75 million

Features: Barn facilities for up to 60 horses

...a horse's paradise

A ginormous country manor...

House: 'Albemarle House'

Owner: Winemaker Patricia Kluge (ex-wife of Billionaire John Kluge)

Cost: $100 million

Features: neighbours include Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and James Monroe's Ash Lawn-Highland.

...with a classical manicured lawn

Not bad for a lake house...

House: 'Tranquility'

Owner: Tommy Hilfiger co-founder, Joel Horowitz

Price: $100 million

Features: 210 acres of magical seclusion overlooking Lake Tahoe and situated on it's own private lake.

...a glorious living room

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