"The 10 Most Absurd Time Magazine Covers From The Last 40 years"


People give digital publishers like the Huffington Post a hard time for its headlines and peekaboo pictures, but who knew staid old Time magazine has been such a fear-mongering hype-rag thoughout its history?

Reason magazine compiled the “The 10 most absurd Time magazine covers from the last 40 years” and the coverlines feel downright clickbait-y if you ask us. We like it. Read:

April 5, 1976: The Porno Plague

August 6, 1984: The Population Curse

September 15, 1986: Drugs: The Enemy Within

May 7, 1990: Dirty Words: America’s Foul-mouthed Pop Culture

May 13, 1991: Crack Kids: Their mothers used drugs, and now it’s the children who suffer

July 3, 1995: Cyberporn: On a Screen Near You

Nov 22, 1999: Pokemon!

March 19, 2001: The Columbine Effect

June 7, 2004: Overcoming Obesity in America

Go see the covers themselves at Reason →

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