The 10 Least Stressful Jobs In 2013


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Most employees dream about working at a low-stress job with a substantial rated the stress levels of 200 jobs based on physical demand and danger, growth potential, deadlines, travel, environmental conditions, time in the public eye, competitiveness and the possibility of having to save your own or somebody else’s life.

Four out of 10 of these jobs are in the healthcare industry, where hiring is expected to rise in 2013. 

According to the Bureau of labour Statistics, the healthcare and social assistance industry is expected to generate the “largest number of jobs, 5.6 million, at an annual rate of 3.0 per cent” between now to 2020. 

The rest of the jobs on this list do not typically require workers to be under tight deadlines and they can often work out of the public eye and without much distractions.

10. Drill Press Operator

Stress Score: 11.32

Median Salary: $31,910

Job Outlook: 6 per cent

'Despite working with heavy machinery in industrial environments, the BLS reports that the work has little danger, and drill press operators typically have the ability to work at their own pace. That makes this profession one of the more desirable careers in the manufacturing industry.'

Source: CareerCast

9. Librarian

Stress Score: 10.58

Median Salary: $54,500

Job Outlook: 7 per cent

'A peaceful atmosphere and unlimited access to literature makes librarian a welcoming career option for the bookish. Librarians have many careers paths at schools, colleges and universities, city/county funded libraries and in corporate research.'

Source: CareerCast

8. Hairstylist

Stress Score: 10.41

Median Salary: $22,500

Job Outlook 14 per cent

'A hair stylist often works in a fast-paced environment, with customers coming and going throughout the day. However, interaction with these clients is one of the perks of working as a hair stylist, as many customers become friends. The field is one that promotes creativity, and while salaries are typically low, this is a career funded largely on gratuities, which can be very generous.'

Source: CareerCast

7. Dietitian

Stress Score: 10.24

Median Salary: $53,250

Job Outlook: 20 per cent

'Dietitians serve an increasingly vital role in American culture as they help to battle obesity. Most dietitians work with people from many different walks of life and ages, and they tend to focus on crafting plans for individuals to help them meet their dietary needs.'

Source: CareerCast

6. Audiologist

Stress Score: 9.35

Median Salary: $66,660

Job Outlook: 37 per cent

'Audiologist is a field with a tremendous outlook for growth, as well as a healthy median pay level that rises annually with demand. The work environment is pleasant, the clients are passive (typically elderly) and most audiologists maintain their own practice and set their own hours.'

Source: CareerCast

5. Medical Laboratory Technician

Stress Score: 9.28

Median Salary: $46,680

Job Outlook: 13 per cent

'Medical lab technicians work in an environment conducive to productivity, largely free from distraction to analyse samples. By working out of the public eye, technicians can focus on helping the physicians they serve at their own pace.'

Source: CareerCast

4. Jeweler

Stress Score: 8.26

Median Salary: $35,170

Job Outlook: -5 per cent

'jewellers work out of the public spotlight, primarily in workshops and behind the scene in jewelry stores. The most successful jewellers are entrepreneurs with their own outlets, while most still have lucrative opportunities to buy and sell precious metals for a profit.'

Source: CareerCast

3. Medical Records Technician

Stress Score: 7.5

Median Salary: $32,350

Job Outlook: 21 per cent

'A growing profession in the stable healthcare industry is medical records technician. Medical records technicians work in the office side of hospitals, doctors and dentists practices.'

Source: CareerCast

2. Seamstress / Tailor

Stress Score: 6.5

Median Salary: $25,850

Job Outlook: 1 per cent

'Seamstresses and tailors mend clothing to personal specifications. For that reason, they must show a great attention to detail, but have the ability to work creatively every day. Most tailors work in a peaceful atmosphere, allowing them to focus on the task at hand without distraction.'

Source: CareerCast

1. University Professor

Stress Score 6.45

Median Salary: : $62,050

Job Outlook: 17 per cent

'University professors are at the pinnacle of the education field. Their students are largely those who choose the classes they attend, and thus want to be in class. Unlike elementary and secondary educators, the performance of college professors isn't evaluated based on standardized tests. University professors also have the opportunity to earn tenure, which guarantees lifetime employment.'

According to the Bureau of labour Statistics, universities are expected to add 305,700 adjunct and tenure-track professorial positions by 2020.

Source: CareerCast

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