The 10 hardest to find tradesmen in Australia

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Finding and getting trades people to do a quick job around the house is often an exercise in futility.

And in Australia, employers also find it hard to hire some tradies.

The global jobs site, Indeed, has analysed the current state of the job market to identify positions hardest to fill.

Indeed looked at the percentage of national job posts for tradespeople that have remained open for 60 days or more.

Cabinet makers, welders, plasterers and brick layers and metal fabricators are the most in-demand, as this table shows:


Indeed also looked at what’s called talent mismatch, or the number of job postings compared to the number of job seekers clicking on them.

It found the roles with the most significant mismatch are plumbers, cabinet makers and auto mechanics, each with more than three times the job posts compared to the level of job seeker interest in them.

In NSW, businesses are reporting they manage to fill only 60% of vacancies for general electricians.

The state Department of Employment says almost 60% of businesses it surveyed failed to attract suitable applicants for mechanics, bricklayers and plumbers.

Salary snapshot

    Electrician: $74,401 (average) – $145,000 (upper range)
    Cabinet maker: $67,720 (average) – $105,000 (upper range)
    Bricklayer: $65,665 (average) – $133,300 (upper range)
    Welder: $61,012 (average) – $118,00 (upper range)

“We all require skilled tradies to get things done around the house or in a commercial context and we want it yesterday, but the reality is there are simply not enough to meet demand,” says Chris McDonald, Indeed’s managing director Australia-New Zealand.

“Any young person thinking seriously about their career choices needs to know that tradespeople are in hot demand and will be well into the future.

“Employers can’t get enough of them and the self-employment prospects fantastic with niche opportunities across virtually all trades.”