These 11 Incredibly Fast Trains Leave America's Railroads In The Dust

Shanghai maglev trainWikimedia CommonsShanghai’s magnetic levitation train hits 270 mph.

High-speed rail is finally becoming a reality in America.

Well, it’s getting closer to becoming a reality, as California has begun constructing a line that will connect San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Until the project is complete, American rail travellers will have to settle for Acela trains, which hit 150 mph.

While impressive compared to highway speeds, that’s nothing next to what real high speed rail can do. Among the fastest in the world, these trains regularly top 200 mph and even crack the 300 mph mark.

[An earlier version of this story was written by Alex Davies and Travis Okulski.]

11. Belgium's HSL-1 has been in service since 1997. The 186 mph top speed means it takes less than 90 minutes to get from Paris to Brussels.

10. With a top speed of 190 mph, the Italian ETR 500 goes from Milan to Bologna in an hour.

9. The Eurostar connects London and Paris, travelling under the English Channel as fast as 199 mph.

8. The Spanish AVE Talgo-350 is this first on the list to break the 200 mph barrier. Its 205 mph top speed makes trips from Madrid to Barcelona go by in the blink of an eye.

6. South Korea's KTX 2 may carry only 360 passengers, but the 219 mph top speed means they get to their destination incredibly quickly.

5. France's TGV RĂ©seau 236 mph capability matches IndyCar speeds. However, normal running is limited to 199 mph.

4. Shangai's magnetic levitation (maglev) train floats above its track thanks to powerful magnets. It covers an 18-mile trip from downtown to the airport in just 8 minutes, hitting 270 mph.

Source: Discovery News

3. Japan is known for the bullet train, so it's no surprise that the Shinkansen train has a top speed of 275 mph. It is nicknamed the 'Duck-Billed Platypus' for its odd-looking, aerodynamic nose.

2. Germany's Transrapid TR-09 uses mag-lev technology and is technically a monorail. However, the 279 mph top speed also makes it the second fastest train on the planet.

1. The top dog in the world of fast trains is China, which broke the 300 mph barrier with the CRH380A. The 302 mph top speed makes this the fastest legal way to travel by land.

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