The 10 Countries That Would Get Screwed In An Iranian Oil Shutdown

Strait of HormuzThe Strait of Hormuz

Photo: wikimedia commons/NASA

UBS’ Julius Walker has a big, extensive note out on the impact of Iran tensions on the oil market.We just walked through some of his scenarios for Iran, and what they could mean for the price of oil. In his view, Brent could get as high as $270/barrel.

Anyway, he also lists the top 10 importers of Iranian crude.

Here they are.

  1. China: ~550 thousand barrels/day
  2. India:  ~320 thousand barrels/day
  3. Japan: ~310 thousand barrels/day
  4. South Korea: ~220 thousand barrels/day
  5. Turkey: ~190 thousand barrels/day
  6. Italy: ~180 thousand barrels/day
  7. Spain: ~160 thousand barrels/day
  8. Greece: ~110 thousand barrels/day
  9. South Africa: ~60 thousand barrels/day
  10. France: ~50 thousand barrels/day

Of course, in a price shock, the whole world would be affected in some way or another, but these countries might actually see some supply issues.

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