The 10 companies that pay UK interns the most

The internship20th Century FoxOwen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in ‘The Internship’.

We’re in the midst of summer internship season, when thousands of students on university breaks try out jobs and try to impress potential future employers.

Glassdoor, the anonymous employer review website, has pulled together data on the top 10 companies for intern pay in the UK.

The data is based on anonymous submissions from former and current interns, and covers placements in all parts of each company.

That means the figure given will be an average of what’s paid across departments. The figure is given as a lump sum for the entire internship, usually around 10 weeks for many programmes.

As you’d expect, most are banks, but there’s a big difference between the highest and lowest paying banks on the list and, surprisingly, the highest paying location for internships isn’t at a bank.

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