The 10 Cities That Are Most Screwed By Peak Oil

austin, TexasAustin

Photo: Flickr/JimNtexas

Gas prices may finally be cutting into American sprawl, as cities have started growing faster than suburbs and people are driving less than they used to.So what happens if gas prices keep going higher?

You can’t live in a cities like Merriam, Kansas without driving everywhere, as Maggie Koerth-Baker observes in Before the Lights Go Out.

We looked at the cities that spend the most at the gas pump, with 2010 data from consumer data site Bundle. You can imagine what will happen in these places if prices double, triple or worse.

Oklahoma City households spend about $2,529 at the pump in a year

Durham, N.C., households spend about $2,596 to navigating two massive highways

Chandler, Ariz., households spend about $2,596 on a grid

San Jose, Calif., households spend about $2,596 to reach the surrounding state parks

Fremont, Calif., households spend about $2,764 mostly riding I-880

Plano, Texas, households spend about $2,853 navigating the north suburbs of Dallas

Scottsdale, Ariz., households spend about $3,100 on gas moving around the green part of the desert

Irvine, Calif., households spend $3,390 at the pump and deal with traffic from L.A. and San Diego

Raleigh, N.C., households spend about $3,459 to go in a big circle

Austin households spend about $4,052 to get around

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