The 10 Biggest Advertisers In America, Ranked By Dollars Spent Annually

Mcdonald's girl mccafe airportAn image from the McDonald’s Facebook page.

Walmart, America’s biggest employer, is merely the 10th biggest advertiser in the U.S. according to data gathered by Kantar and supplied to Ad Age.

Some of the usual suspects have also made the top 10 — McDonald’s, Macy’s and T-Mobile for instance.

But there are a few big spenders who didn’t make the cut.

Apple was merely the 12th biggest spender, at $662 million. Samsung spent $597 million, and came at No. 15 in the ranking.

10. Walmart: $690 million. Walmart is a nimble juggernaut, and seemingly nothing can stop it. It most recently severed ties to Paula Deen to maintain its squeaky clean brand image.

9. Macy's: $762 million. A huge portion of the department store's branding is around entertainment, such as Macy's July 4 fireworks in New York.

8. T-Mobile: $773 million. The wireless service recently ditched the beloved T-Mobile girl in pink to hitch its wagon to the iPhone 5 and a no-contract deal for new signups.

7. Ford: $857 million. The car company is having a heck of a year. It beat sales expectations again in Q1 at $35.8 billion.

6. Toyota: $879 million. Toyota just announced it sold 10 million Camrys in the U.S.

5. GEICO: $921 million. GEICO and its gecko are about to overtake AllState for the No. 2 spot in insurance sales.

4. McDonald's: $957 million. The company has struggled recently to increase same-store sales — it's mired in a dollar-menu price war with other chains.

3. Chevrolet: $958 million. The company switched agencies recently, dropping Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Commonwealth in favour of roster shop McCann.

2. Verizon: $1.43 billion. The company's brand was recently tarnished in the PRISM domestic spying scandal. But it was boosted by sales of Samsung's Galaxy S4 phones, featuring the new Jay-Z album.

1. AT&T: $1.59 billion. The company recently made headlines by telling customers it would sell their anonymous data to other marketers.

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