Step Inside The 10 Most Magnificent Public Bathrooms In America

The Grove cinta best restroomCintasThe Grove’s restroom in Los Angeles.

We’ve all experienced the broken stall locks, mysteriously wet floors, and general grossness that plague public restrooms.

However, Cintas Corporation is celebrating the best of the facilities with their 13th annual America’s Best Restroom Contest.

A team of editors picked the 10 most creative and clean public restrooms across the country, and are leaving it to the public to determine a winner.

The lucky loo will receive a $US2,500 credit to spend on Cintas services like restroom cleaning and supplies.

You can cast a ballot for your favourite restroom online through October 31.

The American Girl store's bathroom in Chicago is perfect for their young visitors with bright pink colours and miniature-sinks.

There are even signature doll holders in each bathroom stall.

'Mums and girls alike are delighted with our restrooms,' a spokesman for the company said. 'Girls are thrilled that their special doll companions are safely secure and off the floor while they use the facilities.'

The Bowl Plaza in Lucas, Kansas is shaped like an actual toilet. There's a huge mural containing items people have accidentally dropped into the toilet bowl.

Opened in 2012, the facility was built to provide handicapped -- accessible restrooms.

It's filled with incredible mosaic art, a long-standing tradition in Lucas. Over 10,000 people have visited Bowl Plaza from all 50 states and 50 countries.

El Centro is a popular Mexican restaurant in Washington DC's Georgetown area. Its bathroom features metal basin sinks.

The sinks sit right across from the opposite gender's sinks, so a female would see a male (and visa versa) where the mirror is supposed to be.

The unisex washing station was created by Brie Husted Architecture.

The Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis has more stately restrooms to reflect of grandeur and charm of an old theatre.

The restrooms have black -- and -- white checkered floors with black sinks.

While the lounge features decorative carpets and pastel pink walls.

The 17 restrooms in Philadelphia's Longwood Gardens are part of the largest indoor 'Green Wall' in North America.

They're set in a greenhouse-like setting with translucent glass on top to provide natural light and reduce electricity.

You can see the natural light beaming in through the domed ceiling.

Mai Kai in Fort Lauderdale is a tiki-themed restaurant that probably has the most formal restroom of any tiki-themed restaurant.

Opened in 1956, the Mai Kai is one of the few 'Grand Polynesian Palaces of Tiki' still in operation today. Luxury at its finest!

'People often say 'This is the most beautiful restroom I have ever seen' and that they visit Mai Kai because of our memorable washing areas,' said a spokesman for the restaurant.

And as with all formal restrooms, there are nightly attendants in both the ladies and the men's rooms.

Plums Cafe in Costa Mesa, California went for a Pacific coast-inspired design.

According to Cintas, 'The grey terrazzo floors represent wet sand and the curved marble mosaic walls are a nod to the rumbling waves.'

A unique feature is the hooks that are tiny metal sculptures in the form of people.

In 2012, Los Angeles' famous shopping center The Grove hired world -- renowned architect David Rockwell to design and remodel their restrooms.

The bathrooms now house six original drawings by Picasso and Miro. Read that sentence again.

They also have a family room providing guests with child -- friendly toilets, microwaves, bottle warmers, two nursing rooms with rocking chair, and a children's playroom with a chalkboard and a plasma screen TV.

Another Tiki-themed venue made the list with the Tiki Lounge in Pittsburgh.

Co-owner Scott Kramer and a team of local artists spent over 200 hours designing and constructing it. Kramer even traveled to Bali to hand -- pick the stones and shells glued to the walls and countertops.

He also constructed an actual waterfall that flows into the shell sinks when activated by sensors. The waterfall is filled with silk floral designs.

The Trail Restroom in Austin's Ann and Roy Butler Hike -- and -- Bike Trail at Lady Bird Lake was designed by local firm MirĂ³ Rivera Architects.

It uses sustainable materials and has open spaces in the ceiling for natural light.

The restroom was designed as team effort by the City of Austin and The Trail Foundation, and functions as a work of art.

We're guessing these places have pretty nice bathrooms as well.

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