The 10 Best Professors At Cornell University

This feature is a part of our Best Colleges In America series.

Cornell University is one of Business Insider’s best colleges in America, making the top 10 on our list.

The Ithaca, New York-based university was also recently included on Rate My Professors’ list of the universities with the top professors, the only Ivy League school to make the ranking.

We’ve partnered with RMP to highlight the top 10 professors at Cornell, as voted by its students. Professors’ “Overall Quality” rating is determined by how students rate them for clarity and helpfulness.

These professors represent a variety of subjects, from Labour Relations to Natural Resources. Here are the top 10:

#1 Christina Homrighouse, Industrial and Labour Relations

What students say:

“Prof H. was so interested in getting everyone onboard and learning that it was refreshing to wake up that early and go to class! She really has an interest in students learning material…other professors could learn alot from her! If I weren’t graduationg I would take all of her classes…”

“She’s the coolest ILR professor. She’s always willing to help…in fact, she forced students to do the extra credit…and going to her for help isn’t intimidating…she understands some peeps may be a bit tech stupid. Overall, she rocks! Definitely take her!”

#2 Farhan Rana, Engineering

What students say:

“This was the best class I have taken at Cornell so far. Rana is out of this world. He is the most eloquent and coherent professor in all of Cornell. Listening to him is like listening to Mozart – not a single word is out of place. Why aren’t there more people like him in this world.”

“Farhan Rana is an absolute genius. He is always extremely prepared for lecture. His slides are amazing and very helpful. His classes are notoriously hard, but his lectures are good enough for you to do well. Come to class and do the homework and you will do fine in his class.”

#3 Dagmawi Woubshet, English

What students say:

“Professor Woubshet is a brilliantly insightful teacher who will make your writing infinitely better. He grades extremely fair, and is always willing to help out (very approachable). He’s also extremely passionate about the selected readings, and makes discussions awesome.”

“I accidentally enrolled in this class (mixed up codes during add/drop) but after class met once I knew I had to stay. Fantastic discussions and book choices that created an interest in the topic for me that I hadn’t had before. He’s not the easiest professor but he’s hands down the most fair professor I’ve had so far at Cornell!”

#4 Gerald Feigenson, Biochemistry

What students say:

“Gerry is the only professor I have ever had that actually goes way out of his way to help his students, even long after they are taking a class with him. While the course is not a breeze, he is such a truly good human being that I would absolutely recommend taking his class and not being afraid to ask him for advice on just about anything.”

“Feigenson is one of the best teacher at cornell. He is so approachable. He is FOR THE STUDENTS. He goes out of his way for his students. Very good lecturer, very knowledgeable about the field. His Friday sessions are really good, I recommend that everyone should go! Very nice guy. This course really stimulated my interest in Biochem.TAKE HIS CLASS!”

#5 Evan Cooch, Natural Resources

What students say:

“Amazingly clear, and the best teacher I experienced at Cornell. Cooch got me into grad school, and this class was one reason. If Cooch teaches *any* class, take it.”

“Ever wonder what it would be like to take a class with someone who doesn’t care what anyone thinks, so long as you learn? Evan is that kind of teacher. Cornell must hate him, but thats good for us.”

#6 Bruce Monger, Science

What students say:

“Ok Bruce is an amazinggg professor. My favourite professor yet at Cornell. I had minimal interest in the subject area before and he made me fall in love with it. He’s such a nice guy and is so considerate of his students. You DEFINITELY need to take this class. No wonder there are almost 800 students in the class. I’m there everyday.”

“Bruce is a great professor, he made the boring parts of the material interesting and easy to understand. If you have the slightest interest in the workings of the ocean and the issues surrounding it, take this class.”

#7 Eric Tagliacozzo, History

What students say:

“Tagliacozzo is the man. He is fabulously brilliant and yet so genuinely kind. He will leave you with a bad case of wanderlust by the time he is done regaling you with tales of his adventures throughout Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean. Easy grader, too, but I still learned tons from him. Try to meet his kids, they’re adorable.”

“Wonderful professor who makes the material come alive with his enthusiasm, trips to the museum, show-and-tell presentations and great sense of humour. You are missing out if you don’t take a class with him!”

#8 Ted Sider, Philosophy

What students say:

“he is the best logic teacher ever! he explains everything down to the ‘t’ and will do it over and over agin till you get it. hes very helpful and understanding. there are a lot of homework assignments, so that we get more chances to improve. i would def. recommend him!”

“This class is really fun. Ted may seem a little pushy at times during lecture, but this is only for the sake of discourse. Arguing with him will make writing your essays that much easier.”

#9 Harry Greene, Biology

What students say:

“Harry is the man. His lectures are clear and organised and he tells us funny stories. Harry is obviously passionate about his subject and extremely eager to help anyone who needs it. Definitely recommended.”

“Harry is a walking legend. Lower your heads in his presence.”

#10 Michael Stillman, Mathematics

What students say:

“Stillman is probably one of the best maths professors you can have at Cornell. His lectures are very clear, homework is completely doable, and office hours are super useful. He is a fantastic guy and his constant “Little Johnny” examples are a great way to make sure you’re paying attention. Take him at all costs! You won’t regret it!”

“My absolute favourite professor at Cornell. Lively, entertaining, and understanding that sometimes students just don’t get it. Always cracked jokes in class and turned a relatively mundane subject into something I really enjoyed! I actually looked forward to lecture every day and never missed one. Highly recommend this professor.”

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