The 10 best private universities in America

Harvard University is America’s best private university, according toa new list from the Center for World UniversityRankings.

It also took the top spot as the best university in the world.

CWUR uses eight indicators to determine its rankings, including quality of education, alumni employment, and influence.

See the top 10 private universities in the US below:

No. 10 -- University of Pennsylvania

No. 14 in the world

No. 8 -- Yale University

No. 11 in the world

No. 5 -- University of Chicago

No. 8 in the world

No. 4 -- Columbia University

No. 6 in the world

No. 3 -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

No. 3 in the world

No. 2 -- Stanford University

No. 2 in the world

No. 1 -- Harvard University

No. 1 in the world

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