The 10 Best Kitschy Hotel Bars On The Planet

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This post originally appeared at may have gotten over themed spots after your tenth birthday party (um, hello, Princess Tea Party Fest), but they’re actually great for some old-fashioned adult fun, too. 

Hotels across the world have fabulously themed bars that run the gamut from classy to trashy. 

So we’ve shuffled through the clutter to find the top 10 hotel bars that, despite (or because) of being themed, are super cool.

Stables Bar

At the Milestone Hotel; London

Why we love it: Located in the luxurious Milestone Hotel -- perhaps the most famous boutique hotel in London, Stables Bar embraces an over-the-top horse theme that only Londoners can truly appreciate or understand. (As you may know, Londoners love their horses almost as much as they love their dogs.)

The split-level bar, decorated with rich green tartan quilt in and mahogany-paneled walls, has tons of riders' paraphernalia including horse murals and paintings, bridles, saddles, needle-point horse pillows, and even a somewhat terrifying jockey mannequin. Best of all, the bar has satellite TVs for viewing sporting events and an exclusive list of champagnes and cocktails.


Blue Mermaid Chowder House & Bar

At the Argonaut Hotel; San Francisco

Why we love it: The entire Argonaut Hotel sports a nautical theme and the Blue Mermaid is no different, with mermaid statues, waiters clad in striped shirts, mounted lifesavers and helms, and even rowboats hanging from the ceiling. The bar scene here is more laid-back, with many patrons coming in for the award-winning chowder and seafood rather than the cocktails (although plenty of those are ordered too).


Library Bar

At the Hudson Hotel; New York

Why we love it: Though the Library Bar isn't the celeb favourite it once was back when the Hudson Hotel opened in 2000, the Philippe Starck-designed bar remains popular -- especially during the colder months when it's cozy atmosphere (comfy leather sofas, a fireplace, and chess tables) makes for a nice retreat from the chilly winter weather.


Baie Long Bar

At La Samanna; St. Martin

Why we love it: The Baie Long Bar may have a Moroccan vibe (complete with Moroccan furniture), but the ceiling is enclosed with a beautiful, mutli-coloured Indian wedding tent. Guests enjoy pre and post-dinner drinks, including the signature Baie Long Blue made with coconut cream, white rum, Blue Curacao, and pineapple juice.


Hooters Restaurant and Bar

At the Hooters Casino Hotel; Las Vegas

Why we love it: You gotta love a bar where the motto is 'Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined' and the theme is basically ogling. The restaurant serves your typical bar fare (although some swear by the wings) and classic rock pumps out over the PA system. In the evening, the bar boasts a live three-piece band that plays heavy metal and classic-rock covers.



At the Liberty Hotel; Boston

Why we love it: Housed in a former jailhouse, the cavernous Alibi bar takes full advantage of its roots; iron-barred doors lead to the sexy bar and the walls are hung with celebrity mug shots (Sinatra, Morrison, and Nolte). You may even spot a celeb yourself; Cameron Diaz and A-Rod shacked up at the hotel when they were still hot and heavy, and the bar is known for being a see-and-be-seen hotspot.


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

At the Cosmopolitan; Las Vegas

Why we love it: More Vegas monstrosity than intimate bar, the Chandelier takes up three levels of the Cosmopolitan, and each floor offers up its own take on the Vegas lounge scene. However, all levels have fabulously ornate chandeliers and the bar is a great spot to plant yourself for a laid-back (but still over-the-top Vegas-y) night out.


Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar

At the Fairmont; San Francisco

Why we love it: Dating from an early 1960s obsession with Hawaiian culture, the Tonga Room features faux straw huts, a floating band, and what it claims is the best mai tai in the San Francisco (served in a fake coconut, natch).

On a recent episode of The Layover, chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain declared 'If you have no love in your heart for this place, you are a sick, twisted lonely f*ck with too many cats.' Drastic, perhaps, but we agree: A visit to the Tonga Room is well worth the trip.


Carousel Bar

At the Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans

Why we love it: Monteleone's legendary Carousel Bar, which -- just like a carousel -- slow-spins cocktail drinkers past a bank of windows facing Royal Street, is only a block from the French Quarter nightlife. Yet, it has an other-worldly feel with its antique, circus-like decor. Make sure to ask for the hotel's signature Monteleone Cocktail, a citrus-spiked whiskey.


Nashville Waikiki

At the Ohana Waikiki West, Hawaii

Why we love it: Hovering a step above Hooters on the tacky scale, this joint attempts to bring Midwest mainland to the island of Hawaii. And hey, it succeeds. The Nashville Waikiki has a honky-tonk vibe with plenty of cowboy hats, dartboards, blackjack tables, country music, bullfighting tournaments shown on multiple-screen monitors, and American pride (and American beer). Plus, it's Honolulu's only country-themed bar.


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