The 10 Best iPad Apps for Business

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The iPhone is one of the best BlackBerry alternatives for a business smartphone available thanks to the countless apps that make getting work done easier.Now that the iPad has had several months to gain traction with consumers and business people alike, many developers are giving their iPhone apps a tablet-sized update.

We made a list of the best iPad apps for business back in May (when the iPad was barely a month old), and now we’re updating it with some new, useful additions.

The popular Evernote service is a must-have for your iPad

What it is: Evernote is a note taking app syncs across your phone, desktop, and tablet. It supports text, audio and photo notes. Check out our Evernote tour to learn how it works.

Who it's for: Everyone from students to diligent notetakers in business meetings.

Price: Free. Premium accounts are available and will allow you to upload 500 MB in notes per month for $5 per month or $45 per year.

Apple optimised its iWork apps for the iPad

What it is: Apple created iPad versions of Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. These apps are Apple's answer to Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, Excel, and Word) and are still compatible with those formats. You can export your documents as a PDF, .doc, .xls, .ppt, or any of the other major file types. Your files can then be exported to your iDisk, e-mail, or your desktop Mac or PC.

Who it's for: The iWork apps are great for business travellers who want to bring their presentations and other documents without lugging around a laptop.

Price: $9.99 each

Air Display will give you more screen real estate for your desktop

What it is: Air Display turns your iPad into a second monitor for your Mac or PC over a wifi network. We tried out the app last week and it's incredibly easy to use. After installing a program to your desktop computer, all you do is launch the iPad app and it automatically syncs as if you had plugged in a second monitor. You can also use the iPad's touchscreen to move program windows around and toggle between open applications. Just make sure you get an iPad stand.

Who it's for: If you need a little extra screen space, this is a good option for you.

Price: $9.99

SpringPad is a solid alternative to Evernote

What it is: SpringPad is another note-taking app that is similar to Evernote. One feature that makes it standout is the ability to scan barcodes and save products you see for later. (Unfortunately the iPad doesn't have a camera, but you can still access the barcodes you snap with your iPhone). You can also easily add friends and colleagues and view notes that they make public. All your notes sync to SpringPad's beautiful web-based app.

Who it's for: Note takers and people who are shopping for the best deals for their business.

Price: Free

Manage your company's database with FileMaker Go

What it is: If you use FileMaker Pro, the app FileMaker Go will let you access and edit your database from your iPad. The app includes all the features you love about FileMaker with an iPad-friendly interface. Like FileMaker's desktop software, this app is pretty pricey.

Who it's for: If you maintain a database for your business using FileMaker Pro and find yourself on the taveling a lot, it's a good app.

Price: $39.99

GoodReader lets you annotate and share your documents

What it is: GoodReader lets you view and annotate all major document types: Doc, PDF, iWork, Txt, and HTML. The app lets you add notes, drawings, arrows, etc., so your colleagues can stay up to date with the latest changes. You can also upload your documents to e-mail, iDisk, an FTP, DropBox, and several other popular web-based services.

Who it's for: Anyone who needs to view and edit documents on the go.

Price: $0.99

FTP On The Go Pro will let you edit files stored on your company's server

What it is: FTP On The Go Pro is an FTP client for your iPad. You can view and edit documents from your company's server. You can also use the app to store files saved on your iPad (photos, videos, etc.) to the server. The app is also available for iPhone, but the iPad version of the app allows you to open multiple documents at once.

Who it's for: Companies that need to send and download large files on their server.

Price: $9.99

Check your stocks in real time with E*Trade

What it is: E*Trade's iPad app gives you full access to your account. You can buy, sell, read market news, view real time stock information, and everything else the web-based version lets you do.

Who it's for: Anyone with an E*Trade account and an iPad.

Price: The app is free, but you need an account with E*Trade to use it of course.

Turn your iPad into a portable hard drive with Air Sharing HD

What it is: Avatron, the same app developer that made Air Display, brought it's popular Air Sharing app to the iPad too. Air Sharing turns your iPad into a file storage device, allowing you to drag and drop everything from videos to PDFs onto your tablet over wifi. You can also view most major file types such as Word documents and jpeg images.

Who it's for: This reasonably-priced app is great for anyone who wants to store and view files on their iPad. It also connects to storage services like MobileMe and DropBox if you have them.

Price: $9.99

Print n Share lets you print anything from anywhere

What it is: Print n Share allows you to print documents from your iPad on almost any wifi-enabled printer. (Unlike Apple's new Air Print feature, which only works on a handful of HP printers). You can also print remotely to your home or office printer from anywhere over 3G. The app can also be used as a file sharing service, e-mail app, and wifi hard drive.

Who it's for: If you want to print from your iPad, this is your best option until Apple updates Air Print.

Price: $8.99

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