The 10 Best Colleges For Maths Whizzes

For those students more inclined towards numbers, college can often be a mathematics Eden.

We teamed up with data website Find The Best to compile this list of the best colleges in the country for maths whizzes. Specifically, we looked for schools that had a high average SAT maths score and a large difference between their average math and critical reading scores.

Colleges were ranked by the difference between their maths and critical reading scores for the middle 75% of students. Any ties were given in favour of the school with the higher maths score.

Our top school — University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — has an average SAT maths score of 790, but incoming students only scored a 680 on critical reading, a difference of 110 points.

Here are the 10 best schools for maths whizzes:

#10 Lehigh University — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

730 Maths

670 Critical Reading

Difference: 60 Points

#9 CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College — New York, New York

690 Maths

620 Critical Reading

Difference: 70 Points

#8 Polytechnic Institute of New York University — Brooklyn, New York

720 Maths

650 Critical Reading

Difference: 70 Points

#7 University of Wisconsin — Madison, Wisconsin

740 Maths

670 Critical Reading

Difference: 70 Points

#6 Georgia Institute of Technology — Atlanta, Georgia

760 Maths

690 Critical Reading

Difference: 70 Points

#5 Louisiana Tech University — Ruston, Louisiana

650 Maths

570 Critical Reading

Difference: 80 Points

#4 Illinois Institute of Technology — Chicago, Illinois

710 Maths

630 Critical Reading

Difference: 80 Points

#3 Lebanon Valley College — Annville, Pennsylvania

630 Maths

536 Critical Reading

Difference: 94 Points

#2 Michigan State University — East Lansing, Michigan

680 Maths

580 Critical Reading

Difference: 100 Points

#1 University of Illinois — Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

790 Maths

680 Critical Reading

Difference: 110 Points

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