The 10 Best Chrome Extensions For Getting Things Done

People like Google Chrome for its speed and simplicity. But there’s another advantage to using it: the vast array of extensions.

Extensions are custom tools that integrate with Chrome or Gmail, giving you easy access to tools no matter where you are on the Web.

Here at BestVendor, where we obsess about finding better business tools, we surveyed the team on Chrome extensions they couldn’t live without.

This post was originally published by the Best Vendor blog.


1Password gives you one-click access to all your passwords and makes it super-easy to create and store new ones.

If you're already a 1Password user, the Chrome extension is a must.


AdBlock gives you the ability to blocks ads all over the web, even on Google, Facebook and Youtube.

It's the No 1 most popular Chrome extension, and ideal for when you need a little less clutter in your life.

Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker gives you one-click access to Gmail and shows how many unread messages you have.

For more customisation options (want a special sound every time you receive an email?), try Checker Plus for Gmail.

And if you wish you could schedule your emails, try Boomerang for Gmail.


LiveReload is a developer tool that applies CSS and JavaScript file changes without reloading the page.

When any other file changes (html, image, server-side script), it automatically reloads the page.

Our lead front-end developer Moudy swears by it.


Screen Capture (by Google)

Screen Capture makes it easy to capture visible content of a web page as a PNG image.

You can edit the captured image before saving or sharing it -- for example, by highlighting areas or writing notes.

For design and UX improvements, it's a useful way to capture and share ideas.

SEO Site Tools

SEO Site Tools gives you one-click access to a comprehensive set of SEO-related metrics pulled from Yahoo Site Explorer, Google Webmaster tools, and other sources.

Want to see how your competitor's optimising for search? Go to their site and click the extension -- you'll quickly find out.


TaskForce is a to-do list extension that integrates with Gmail. It gives you easy access to all your tasks, and makes it easy to convert emails into tasks.

Our co-founder Magnus prefers it to Google Tasks.


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