The 10 best business schools in Australia where graduates get the highest salaries

Photo: Dan Kitwood/ Getty Images

Australian’s MBA graduates have the world’s second highest salaries in the world, according to QS Top MBA.

In the 2014/2015 Jobs and Salary Trends Report, QS surveyed more than 5,669 employers, including the Commonwealth Bank, KPMG and Citibank, who were actively recruiting MBA graduates.

The results found Australia to be the salary leader within Asia Pacific and second in the world with an average salary of $115,600, just behind Switzerland with an average salary of $122,000. Denmark ($112,000) and the UK ($98,000) took out the third and fourth spots.

The report says that Australia’s high MBA salaries can be attributed to the strengthening of the Australian dollar as well as the “strong demand for MBAs amongst multinational employers across Asia and the strength of Australian business schools in recruiting and placing Asian candidates throughout the region”.

Metals and mining were the highest paying sectors for MBA students with an average salary of $134,250 followed by energy at $107,000.

Here are the Australian business schools with the highest salaries.

1. University of Queensland. Average salary: $145,280.

2. Melbourne Business School. Average salary: $120,310.

3. La Trobe Business School. Average salary: $110,000.

4. University of New South Wales, AGSM. Average salary: $99,771.

5. Queensland University of Technology. Average salary: $99,300.

6. Monash University. Average salary: $85,000.

7. Sydney Business School. Average salary: $70,476.

8. Australia National University. Average salary: $63,000.

9. Bond University. Average salary: $58,000.

10. University of Western Australia. Average salary: $50,000.

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