The 10 best, and worst, performing Australian stocks of 2015

Picking a winner at the Melbourne Cup. Scott Barbour/Getty Images

2015 has so far been unkind to Australian shares and those who own them.

The value of the ASX 200 index is running roughly 6% lower now than at the start of the calendar year.

However, among that aggregated bad news there are some spectacular winners and an equal number of losers.

The big riser this year was Blackmores, the vitamin maker whose products are in high demand in China. This became Australia’s most expensive stock, breaking through the $200 mark and gaining more than 500% over the year so far.

Among the ASX 200, the best performers:

The top ten performing shares on the ASX 200

Slater and Gordon, the world’s first listed law firm, fell hard as its problems with a big acquisition compounded from issues with its accounts to regulatory reform which threatened the foundation of its business in the UK.

The worst performers in the ASX 200:

The bottom 10 shares by performance on the ASX 200

Morningstar analysts put these two lists together comparing stocks from across all ASX-listed companies, and not just the top tier ASX 200.

Morningstar says the data represents the ASX-listed companies with the greatest increases or falls in share prices over the year from December 1, 2014, to November 30, 2015.

Many movements were from a small bases. The highest increase in share price was for Kaili Resources, with a stunning 17,400% rise, whose price went from one cent to as much as 18 cents.

And some of the stocks were from companies which did back door listings, including Kaili Resources and Just Kapital Litigation Partners.

Many of the big falls were resources stocks. BGD Corporation is walking away and betting on the needs of Australia’s ageing population by buying Modern Medical, a primary healthcare provider.

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