That Was Quick: The Entire Conservative Establishment Has United To Kill Gingrich’s Campaign

The entire GOP establishment has unleashed on Newt Gingrich this week, and it looks like it is slowing his momentum in the polls

Almost all of the anti-Newt Gingrich material hitting the media is coming from conservative institutions: National Review, The New York Sun,  and the Washington Times. 

Just look at the Drudge Report from last night and early this morning.:

Drudge Report

The  number one news source for many populist and conservative readers, looks like an anti-Gingrich pinboard.  There are twelve anti-Gingrich links leading the site, with video of Gingrich trashing Reagan, polls showing him less competitive against Obama than Romney, and even partisan stalwarts like Ann Coulter and R. Emmet Tyrrell just lambasting him. 

And some of the material is just brutal. Here’s Tyrrell

He [Gingrich] blew the impeachment and in fact his role as Speaker. He backed out in disgrace. He now says Republicans in the House were exhausted with his great projects. Nonsense, I knew many of them, and they were exhausted with his atrocious leadership. He is not a leader. He is a huckster. Today Mitt Romney has 72 Congressional endorsements. Newt has 11. Possibly the 11 have yet to meet him.


Gingrich looks like he may have peaked in polls, but he thrives on being put-upon like this.

But this front-page of Drudge looks like debate-prep for both Mitt Romney and the CNN moderators tonight.  It’s also the last debate for almost a month. It could form the most important impression on voters in Florida and all the caucus contests from now until the Arizona primary in late February.