That Was Fast: Google Buys Startup 6 Months After It Launches

Google big fish

[credit provider=”AP”]

Google has bought Seattle-area Sparkbuy, a search engine for consumer electronics devices, less than six months after its debut.We wrote about Sparkbuy when it launched last November, and the site was pretty cool — it let you prioritise qualities about a laptop, like speed versus size versus weight, and then picked the best fit for you.

Apparently Google liked what they saw as well, and swooped down and bought the three-person startup.

This is CEO Dan Shapiro’s second turnaround in less than two years: in December 2009, he merged his photo-sharing company, Ontela, with the recently independent Photobucket (which had been part of News Corp).

Shapiro wouldn’t comment on the sale today, but the site is shut down and reports say that Sparkbuy’s three-person team will move into Google’s offices in Kirkland, Washington, across the lake from Seattle.

In other words, this looks like a talent acquisition.