That Viral 'Strangers Kissing' YouTube Clip? Guess What, It's Just Marketing For A Clothing Company

Right now there are a bunch of clothing company execs high-fiving each other and the creatives in their ad agency have probably gone to lunch for the next two days after a 3-minute YouTube ‘film’, titled ‘First Kiss’ by LA writer-director Tatia Pilieva, of 20 strangers kissing each other, went totally viral in the last 24 hours, attracting nearly 14 million views.

How? Why? Who?

Yep, it’s part of a viral marketing campaign for LA-based women’s clothing company Wren Studio.

At least they’ve confirmed, via Twitter, that the people featured really were strangers after someone accused them of staging the whole thing.

We can’t wait for the Australian version featuring mining company FIFO workers slipping in the tongue to sell Stubbies.

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