That Time Facebook Employees Got Really Drunk And Puked All Over The Place

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Photos

Back in 2006, Facebook celebrated a huge year by taking its 150 employees to the Great America Theme Park in Santa Clara.

The company rented buses, and on the way there, everybody got really wasted, according to Fortune’s excerpt of David Kirkpatrick’s upcoming book The Facebook Effect:

Facebook’s final fling of sophomoric adventures came in late 2006, when the company was starting to get billion-dollar takeover offers from major corporations. For its holiday party that December, the entire company, now about 150 people, took buses to the Great America Theme Park in nearby Santa Clara. From the minute people got on the buses they started drinking. By the time they arrived at the park many were already drunk. Facebook’s employees celebrated a successful year on the park’s thrill rides that spun, dropped, twisted and inverted them. On the way home an employee threw up in an air vent of one of the buses. The company had to pay several thousand dollars to repair the damage.

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