That Time AOL Decided Not To Buy SAI

randy falco

AOL thought about buying the very business news site you’re reading right now about two ago, a source familiar with the discussions tells us.

So why didn’t it happen?

Apparently, when AOL programming VP Marty Moe pitched the idea to then CEO Randy Falco, Randy said something along the lines of: “Are you completely nuts?”

Randy intimated that he didn’t like the way SAI was covering AOL at the time. He thought we were rude.

(You may recall a post titled, “In Praise of Smithers and Burns.“)

Marty, we hear, said something like, “Hey, they’re just keeping it real.”  Didn’t help save the pitch.

AOL also looked hard at TechCrunch, but decided it was too expensive. It gave Mashable a sniff a while ago, but decided it if really wanted to do that kind of blog it could just build its own.

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