That Old Car Could Be Saving You A Huge Chunk Of Money

Broken Car

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There may be a very good reason that people are now keeping their cars for an average of almost 11 years: They just aren’t breaking down.According to Mark Ellis of The Mirror, a new study has shown that older cars on the road are actually 10 per cent more reliable, and cheaper to repair when they do break.

The study, released by British company Warranty Direct, focused on cars available in the British market. However, it is definitely applicable to cars sold in America as well. One car, the Vauxhall Zafira, which is a small minivan built by General Motors, provided a surprising statistic.

The Mirror says that newer Zafiras are almost twice as likely to develop electrical faults as their older siblings.

A new BMW 3-Series is three times as likely to develop a fault in the braking system as one of the older models. They also examined repair bills for two different generations of Ford Fiestas, and found that the repair bills for cars built between 2002 and 2008 were double that of cars built in the late 1990s, The Mirror reports.

One factor that may contribute to the unreliability is the increasing complexity of modern cars. With everything in cars becoming more computerized and less mechanical, when something goes wrong it becomes even more expensive to fix.

While most repairs on new cars should be covered under warranty, buying a car that is no longer covered is going to prove to be a risky and expensive proposition.

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