That Jeremiah Wright Ad On CNBC

We’d been wondering about this too… What’s with that ad anti-Obama ad on CNBC featuring Rev. Jeremiah Wright? Certainly it’s understandable that at this stage of the game, McCain’s allies will try anything, though McCain himself vowed not to bring it up. The bizarre part is, why they advertising on CNBC. Surowiecki shares our confusion:

The ad initially ran in three key states, but the more recent ad buys were on the major networks. This morning, the PAC actually ran the ad on CNBC, which made for a rather jarring experience: there, in the midst of ads for brokers and financial planners, was Wright inveighing against the United States of K.K.K.U.S.A. Even on its own terms, the ad has a last-gasp desperate-appeal air to it. But putting it on CNBC seemed especially peculiar.

It’s confusing, and we don’t have any great ideas. Have any guesses why they bought so heavily on CNBC?

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