That Insanely Complicated Social Media Marketing Graphic Just Got Updated

In May, we showed you LUMA Partners’ incredibly complicated graphic representing the social media marketing ecosystem.

The chart, created by LUMA CEO Terence Kawaja, is one of a bunch that shows how money flows through the dozens of companies that interact in the social media marketing business.

It’s overwhelming to look at—and that’s the point: The social media marketing landscape is complicated, cluttered with small companies, and thus ripe for consolidation. (That’s already happening via Salesforce’s acquisition of Buddy Media, Oracle’s acquisition of Vitrue, Syncapse’s acquisition of Clickable, and Google’s acquisition of Wildfire.)

LUMA updates the charts regularly, and here’s the latest version. Note that it now includes Pinterest, which wasn’t on the May version. Click to enlarge:


Photo: LUMA Partners


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