Thanksgiving Spoils: Financial Meltdown Edition

Forget about all that thankfulness nonsense. Our friends over at FT Alphaville have decided to divide up the Thanksgiving Day table according to who is getting what from our financial meltdown.

To start, AIG gets the turkey. With a government loan of over $123bn — the insurer’s sitting pretty at the head of the table. Plus, if Wall Street was doing Thanksgiving parties, they’d throw the best one

Citigroup gets mashed (potatoes). Paulson may have screwed them over with his Tarp CMBS U-turn but they still got something — a $45bn capital infusion and the absorption of losses beyond $29bn. Small potatoes (da-dum) by AIG standards but still tasty notheless.

Fannie & Freddie get the pumpkin pie – equivalent of up to $100bn of Federal support for each of the GSEs. Yum.

And US taxpayers get stuffed stuffing. Duh.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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