Thanks To Ronda Rousey, Women Will Fight In The UFC

ronda rousey body issue

Photo: ESPN/Peggy Sirota

UFC president, Dana White once said that women would never fight in the UFC.Well all of that is changing and we can give a lot of the credit to fighter Ronda Rousey.

From Sports Illustrated:

UFC president Dana White tells he’s working on a female division of the UFC, largely because of Rousey’s influence.

“It’s absolutely going to happen,” White said Tuesday of the women’s division.

Rousey, who is 6-0 in her professional fighting career has the potential to draw even more viewers to the sport. She was recently on the cover of ESPN’s Body Issue.

As of now there is no official time frame of when the women’s UFC division will start but White said he is fully committed to it.

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