Thanks For Your Feedback! (More Please…)


Thanks again for the patience with our recent redesign, as well as all the feedback. You’ve helped us catch several bugs and rescue some good stuff that we lost in the conversion.

We’re glad to say that most of you appear to like the new design.    We also received a bunch of complaints, of course, which we’ve detailed below.  Here’s the latest on these issues:

  • “PREV/NEXT gone.”  We’re planning to bring back the PREV> and NEXT> buttons that allow you to zip through all the stories on each vertical.  We didn’t think they were being used, but several of you requested we revive them.
  • “Logins all fracked up.”  We’ve received a few complaints that the login system isn’t working consistently.  Anyone having any problems?
  • “BORING new design”.  A few of you complained that we had thrown a neat bloggy layout in the trash and replaced it with “”  We hear you!  We love the new design, but we also occasionally pine for the river.  So we’re bringing it back as a layout option.
  • “Back button doesn’t work.”  We installed some tracking code that is apparently fracking with the BACK button on Firefox.  We think we’ve isolated this problem, and it should be fixed shortly.
  • “Heinous javascript keeps downloading in background.”  We’re on this, too.  We think we’ll be able to simplify some stuff and minimize this.

  • “Keep pictures on posts in river, please”.  Good idea.  We’ll discuss putting them back.  We trimmed to reduce load time, but we miss them, too.

More next week.  Please keep the feedback coming.  Thanks as always for reading and commenting.  Have a great long weekend!