Thank You, Congress!

Harry Reid John BoehnerAPI would like to announce that it’s a new day in Washington.

We never thought we’d feel compelled to write a note like this, but after the pathetic dysfunction and partisan grandstanding in Washington DC over the past few years, it’s a welcome relief to have the U.S. Congress finally do its job.

So, thank you, Congress!

Thank you for agreeing to a budget deal without needlessly threatening to cause the country to default, shutting the government down, or otherwise manufacturing a ridiculous crisis that distracts and scares everyone and makes America look like a banana republic.

We Americans recognise that you all vehemently disagree about some things. And we are in favour of that disagreement. But we also sent you to Washington to keep the country running. So it’s wonderful to see you finally do that — by stating your opposing views, compromising, and moving on.

Could this be the start of a new era in America? The era of constructive collaboration and compromise? (Or did you all just want to quit work early and head home for the holidays?)

We can always hope…

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