Thain: O'Neal's Office Was "Very Different" (CLIP)

Overall, we think fired Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain handled himself pretty well during his big CNBC interview today.

But what was Thain trying to say about the way Stan O’Neal kept his office?

During the interview, CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo asked him: “What was wrong with Stan O’Neal’s office?” and we expected Thain to say something like, “nothing, really,” but instead, Thain said:

“Well, heh, um. His office was very different. Than uh, the general decor of Merrill’s offices. It really would have been, uh, very difficult, uh for, uh me to use it in the form it was in.”

It’s even weirder when you see it in video:

Stan O’Neal’s Office – Terrifying! from AlleyInsider on YouTube.

Doesn’t Thain make it sound like O’Neal had one of those bookshelves where you pull on the copy of The Prince and the whole thing revolves to open a secret chamber? Or is that just me?

Either way, we need someone to clear this up pronto.

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