There’s A Bloody Border Dispute Between Two Asian Emerging Markets Happening Right Now


[credit provider=”AP”]

Thailand and Cambodia are currently fighting over a border region between the two countries, and the regional organisation ASEAN has failed to calm tensions between the two sides, according to Reuters.ASEAN, which is the Association of South East Asian Nations, is planning on forming an economic union by 2015. It includes emerging economic powerhouses like Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesian, and is a $1.8 trillion economy, when counted together.

But it seems the regional organisation is failing at the first hurdles, unable to calm border clashes between two member states’ militaries that have killed 18 since they began in April. There are some allegations that Thai leaders are using the border conflict to unite support ahead of the country’s July elections.

Thailand’s Prime Minister claims the crisis can be resolved through “bilateral mechanisms,” according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua. But other publications suggest he wants international support, and the Cambodians to agree to it.

Continued border skirmishes are likely to lengthen the timeline for an economic union between these emerging markets.