Watch Thai Navy SEALs' dramatic rescue mission through the caves where a boys soccer team was trapped

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  • The Thai Navy SEALs Facebook page shared video clips of the rescue operation of the Thai boys soccer team on Wednesday morning.
  • The video highlights the work performed by 90 local and international divers as they worked to rescue the boys.
  • During the rescue mission, two divers accompanied each boy out of the cave, guided by a rope.

Video released by the Thai Navy SEALs highlights the intense rescue mission that saved a Thai boys soccer team and their 25-year-old coach this week.

The Thai Navy SEALs shared clips showing divers working through flooded caves in northern Thailand to save the boys in an “operation the world never forgets.”

By Tuesday night, all 12 of the boys, aged between 11 and 17, as well as their Wild Boar soccer team coach were freed from the cave after more than two weeks inside.

Video of the rescue mission was shared on the Navy SEALs’ Facebook page on Wednesday morning.

Clips highlight the work performed by 90 local and international divers as they worked their way through the caves.

The passage where the boys were trapped was dark, narrow, and flooded with debris, with some areas no more than two-feet wide.

The only way to bring the boys out of the cave was to navigate through the tight passages, where 0.6 miles of the journey was underwater.

Throughout the rescue mission, two divers accompanied each boy, guided by a rope. One diver held on to the child and a second air tank, while the second diver followed behind.

Three Thai Navy SEAL members and a medic remained in the cave with the soccer team to provide them with food as the boys were brought out one-by-one.

Upon completion of the rescue mission, the Thai Navy celebrated that the boys were safe, calling it “a miracle.”

Thai authorities said in a press conference: “We have done what others thought was impossible.”

The boys are now recovering in a hospital where doctors are treating cuts and scrapes, re-nourishing their bodies and monitoring any possible lung infections from fungi or bacteria from the cave.

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