What Happens When You Go To TGI Fridays For Endless Appetizers And Stay 14 Hours

TGI Fridays is running a new promotion for “Endless Appetizers.”

The $US10 deal gets you unlimited portions of one appetizer, such as potato skins, buffalo wings, or mozzarella sticks.

Caity Weaver at Gawker decided to see how much she could get out of the deal.

Weaver decided to go to a Brooklyn TGI Fridays when it opened and stay until closing time, ordering only the “Endless Appetizer” deal. She describes the entire experience in hilarious detail.

Weaver alerted her server to the plan right away and ordered mozzarella sticks.

The problem? She didn’t like them.

“I would prefer to stop eating after the first one. I seriously regret not getting the potato skins,” she writes.

The waitstaff cooperated with her plan and continued to bring her plates of the breaded, fried cheese, though she was occasionally ignored for up to an hour.

But Weaver writes that the cheese sticks kept coming — and each one tasted more disgusting than the last.

She describes the taste as “flat, and greasy, and congealed.”

After 14 hours at the restaurant, Weaver consumed seven orders of mozzarella sticks. This would have cost her about $US55 without the promotion.

Weaver’s experience is what TGI Fridays is counting on — customers quickly getting sick of what they ordered.

Read her funny, minute-by-minute account at Gawker.

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