This guy cemented a microwave to his head for a YouTube video, and had to be rescued by the fire brigade

  • Jay Swingler stuck his head to the inside of a microwave with quick-dry cement in a garage in Wolverhampton, England.
  • He attempted the prank to create content for his TGFbro YouTube channel.
  • The stunt went wrong and he almost died when his breathing tube was blocked.
  • West Midlands Fire Service rescued him, but were “seriously unimpressed.”

A British YouTube prankster cemented his head inside a microwave, but the stunt backfired so badly that he almost died, and had to be rescued by the fire brigade.

Jay Swingler originally planned to fill a store-bought microwave with quick-dry cement, bury his head in it, and wait for it to harden.

He hoped to stay alive in the meantime by using a breathing tube in his mouth.

The 22-year-old and his co-star, Romell Henry, jointly run the TGFbro YouTube channel, where they post videos of themselves performing pranks such as setting themselves in jelly overnight and bathing in fake tan.

Tgfbro microwave youtube prank breathing tubeTGFbro/YouTubeSwingler put his head inside a plastic bag, and breathed through this tube.
Tgfbro microwave prank cement settingTGFbroSwingler waiting for the cement inside the microwave to dry.

But halfway through the stunt, his breathing tube got blocked.

Swingler’s friends attempted to get him out by breaking the cement and dismantling the microwave – but the cement kept expanding, which kept Swingler stuck inside.

Youtube tgfbro microwave prankTGFbroSwingler’s co-host Romell Henry attempts to get Swingler’s head out of the microwave.

After a futile hour and a half, they called 999 for help. Five firefighters and at least two paramedics attended the scene and wrangled with the microwave for another hour before getting it off Swingler.

“We’re seriously unimpressed,” West Midlands Fire Service tweeted. “Five of our firefighters were tied up for an hour this afternoon, freeing a YouTube pranker whose head had been ‘cemented’ inside a microwave oven.”

Shaun Dakin, the fire service’s watch commander, also told the BBC: “All of the group involved were very apologetic, but this was clearly a call-out which might have prevented us from helping someone else in genuine, accidental need.”

Youtube tgfbro microwave cement prank fire servicesTGFbroEmergency services attending the scene.
Youtube microwave prankWest Midlands Fire ServiceSwingler stuck in the microwave, as photographed by emergency services.

“I’ve never appreciated life so much, ever,” Swingler said after the incident.

“Please don’t try this yourself. Like, please don’t try this.”

Swingler’s near-death experience has made good TV, however – his video has been watched more than 824,000 times since it was published on Thursday afternoon.

Watch TGFbro’s video below:

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