A Misguided Fraternity Movement Is Revealing The Worst Aspects Of Frat Boy Culture

A self-propelled “movement” from male interest website Total Frat Move is stirring up debate over the nature of Greek life, bringing out both the worst and best elements of fraternity culture.

As TFM announced on their website last week, “There’s an important movement afoot. It’s time to stand up and tell the world why we need frat. Why do you need frat? #WhyWeNeedFrat.” We first read about this on BuzzFeed, which reported on TFM’s Instagram pictures and YouTube video using the hashtag.

While some of TFM’s messages are comparatively benign, many quickly turn to more offensive topics:




Business Insider wrote about the rise of Total Frat Move and their parent company Grandex Inc. in March.

Regardless of whether these were meant to be tongue-in-cheek — TFM also released a YouTube video with more #WhyWeNeedFrat messages — some Twitter users have latched on it, using the hashtag to revel in many of the worst stereotypes about Greek culture.





Fraternities undoubtedly have many positive aspects — I’ve previously written about the benefits of Greek life for Business Insider — but “movements” such as whatever TFM is trying to spread do nothing but confirm the worst stereotypes. And many fraternity members are now trying to use it to showcase why their houses are important to them:


“#WhyWeNeedFrat Because it surrounds me with mentors who challenge me to becoming a better student, professional and person.”


“True Reason on #WhyWeNeedFrat”

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