People think it's ridiculously hard to complain about London's tough new proposals for Uber

Black Cab Uber protest in LondonGuy Bell/REX ShutterstockBlack cab drivers aren’t happy with TfL either.

People are growing frustrated with Transport for London, the organisation that looks after things like the London Underground and black cabs, over an online form that people can fill in to give their feedback on proposed new rules for Uber and other ridesharing companies.

The proposals are pretty tough: They would force apps like Uber and Addison Lee to introduce mandatory five-minute wait times for rides, and would ban animated cars appearing to move along the maps in an app.

The online feedback form for the proposals isn’t just tricky to fill in — it keeps going down.

UberĀ launched a petition to raise awareness of the proposals and the effect they would have, and it took off. Over 192,000 people have signed the petition, which has been emailed out to users in London who would be affected by the proposals if they go through.

Obviously, Uber and other ridesharing apps like Addison Lee don’t want increased regulation that will make their lives harder, so they’re encouraging customers to fill out the online form and get in touch with TfL. That’s where the problems are starting.

Uber emailed its users encouraging them to fill in the form, and the form promptly went down.

That’s not the only problem with the form, though. It also takes a long time to fill in. There’s over 28 pages of questions:

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