A High-End Management Company In New York City Told Its Tenants To Stop Using Airbnb

Manhattan-based real estate developer and management company TL Cornerstone sent an email to its tenants this morning to stop using popular peer-to-peer rental network Airbnb because it violates their lease policy.
TL Cornerstone manages a number of high-end luxury buildings in the city.

Valleywag reports that this is text from the memo sent to TF Cornerstone tenants:

Please be advised that this behaviour creates an overall security risk and a transient environment in the building. Many of our residents have complained about the security of random guests coming in and out of the building. Please refrain from using sites like airbnb, Craigslist or Roomarama as this practice creates a negative vibe in the building.

You can read the full memo here.

Recently, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman subpoenaed user data on 15,000 Airbnb hosts in New York City, in an attempt to tighten up and clarify property laws. Airbnb fought back with data that showed how the company has created positive economic growth.

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